How much should I spend on a wedding gift? BONUS: EPIC GIFT IDEAS

How much should I really spend on a wedding gift?

Wedding gift etiquette can be tricky, so the best thing to do is choose a budget according to the type of relationship you have with the ones tying the knot. Here are some basic parameters you can follow:

  • Coworkers/distant family friends/relatives: $50-$75
  • Relatives/friends: $75-$100
  • Close relatives/friends: $100-$150

All families and friends are different, so always adjust to what feels good to you. If a bride and groom has expressed no gifts, then it’s absolutely okay to respect their wishes. It is their big day, after all. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started! These ideas are great for all budgets and you can always add to or eliminate things. Just remember, the best gift you can ever give is an experience. The world is full of lots of shiny things, but a memory is something a bride and groom can hold onto for their entire marriage. 

#1: Gift experiences over things! 

This is great, especially for couples that already live together. They probably already have all the dishes and towels they need to start a home so change up the gifting! Going with a planned, prepaid date night will be extremely appreciated. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Cooking Classes
  • Couples Spa Day
  • Dancing Lessons

 #2: Honeymoon Excursions 

For the couple that is taking a honeymoon, why not add on to their experience? 

  • You can purchase gift excursions to be used to fill their vacation agenda! Swim with the dolphins? Hike a waterfall? Zipline over the jungle? Yes, yes, and YES!
  • Find a fun restaurant where they are traveling, make them reservations and let them know the bills on you! 
  • Honeymoon Photography Session! This one is a personal favorite. Hire a photographer local to their honeymoon destination, tell them to pack a fun outfit and say cheese! They will remember their honeymoon (and you!) every time they see the photos!
  • Gift cards are also a great way to allow them to enhance their honeymoon! 

#3: Honeydo Fund

After paying for a wedding most couples tighten their budgets a bit! Help them do all the things they want to make their house a home! Yes, it may seem like such a boring gift but they are so useful and will be greatly appreciated! Ideas include: 

  • Hardware Store Gift Cards 
  • Contractor Payments 
  • Painting Services 

#4: Honeymooners Confetti Crate 

Maybe you need a gift that’s already to go for your special bride and groom? That’s where our Honeymooners Confetti Crates come in! We ship them right to you or directly to the newlyweds. 

Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs.! Send them off on their honeymoon in style with this cute crate! Matching Mr and Mrs insulated cups (perfect for those beachy destinations!), and finish it off with a set of gold accented synthetic leather luggage tags and passport books! Bon Voyage!