Five Creative Ways to Celebrate Fall!

We’ve officially entered into fall this week… but, with everything that’s happened in 2020 and all of the craziness that we’re experiencing in the world right now, you’re probably worried it’s all going to feel different this to around. 


A lot of events have been cancelled and if you’re a fall loving, Halloween obsessed, pumpkin picking gal like me you might be feeling a bit bummed out. But we don’t want any of that here! So I’ve put together some epic ideas to get you into the spirit of fall and have some FUN! 

Ready for these? 

Get out in Nature

Whether you live by the mountains, in the desert, by the sea (or in the middle of a bustling city); you will ALWAYS have some kind of nature around you and as the seasons change so does the way it looks! Head up the mountain or take a walk around a local park and spend some time admiring all the colorful leaves and enjoy some crisp fall air!  

Apple Orchard 

Hit the computer and find your local orchard that allows picking. Once you’ve found it, get on out there and go apple picking! 

Not only are you going to feel seriously connected to nature; but you’ll be able to take your handpicked collection home and make some apple pie, cobbler… or start your own cider!  

It’s all about the Pumpkin!

Find your local pumpkin patch and go pick yourself out some gourds so you can decorate your mantle, porch, or table with them! Get creative! Choose weird shapes, a variety of colors, or even try something more detailed like creating an ombré cluster! Don’t forget to grab a giant orange one so you can roast some Pumpkin Seeds while you’re decorating! After all, Nothing says fall time like the smell of some pumpkin and this delicious snack!

Home Tailgate!

Football season looks a little different right now, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a whole lot of fun! 

Create your own DIY tailgate scene in your driveway or backyard! You can put up a pop-up tent, string some bistro or fairy lights, stock up on the snacks and add your cheeky warpaint to make your outfit football official. 

This is a great way to watch the game, rock out your team colors and socially distance with some of your fave people!  

Jump into a pile of leaves

Let’s be honest… we all need to let that inner child out! What better way than jumping (or diving) into a pile of leaves?! It makes you feel so free and releases some of those pent up emotions. You could even turn this into an online competition with your friends and create boomerangs of those leafy moments for some bonus points! 



Now I’d love to hear from you guys! Drop me a comment below to tell me how you will be creating some fun fall moments, or tag me on Instagram and show me what you’re up to!